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Aosta, what to do in a day!

Aosta, what to do in a day

Aosta is a very nice city in the Aosta Valley and is worth a day trip. In this article we give you some advice to visit the city without missing its finest spots!

Aosta, 6 things to see

The Aosta Valley is famous for its ancient castles and breathtaking mountains. But when you get tired of castles and mountains, what do you do? Take a nice stroll in Aosta and see what it has to offer. Here are 6 things to see in town.

Aosta (panorama dal Teatro Romano)

1. Arch of Augustus

Aosta was an important Roman city. Still today you can see and admire traces of this glorious past. Leaving the highway A5, follow the directions for Aosta Centro (Aosta Centre). Soon you’ll find the majestic Arch of Augustus, built in 25 b.C. Near the arch you’ll find also a cheap parking lot, where you can park your vehicle to continue the exploration of the town on foot.

Arco di Augusto (Aosta)

2. Porta Praetoria

Leave the Arch of Augustus behind your back and continue along Saint Anselmo street. This paved road, with lots of artisan shops, will remind you of some picturesque village in Umbria or Tuscany.

After 400 metres, you’ll find the Porta Praetoria, which was the eastern gate to the Roman city. Astonishing, isn’t it? Take your time to contemplate this ancient beauty, then walk past the two big arches and go on.

Porta Pretoria (Aosta)

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3. Émile Chanoux Square

Just a few more steps and you’ll find yourself in Piazza Émile Chanoux, the main square of Aosta. Its architecture is very similar to that of Turin. Here you can see the Hôtel de Ville, the town hall, a solemn neoclassical building.

Hotel de Ville (Aosta)

Wait a moment! Are you hungry? Let’s have a nice lunch at Opificio del Gusto, where you can taste delicious sandwhiches. But if you prefer something more typical, there’s plenty of choice. 

4. Aosta Cathedral

The Cathedral, located behind Émile Chanoux Square, is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Saint John the Baptist. The building has two clock-towers from the Romanesque period and a Neoclassical façade.

Cattedrale di Aosta

5. The Forensic Cryptoporticus

Welcome to our favourite spot in Aosta! The Forensic Cryptoporticus is located next to the Cathedral, in the ancient Roman forum. It consists of two underground corridors with barrel vaults: a soft orange light and meditative music make the visit really remarkable.

Criptoportico (Aosta)

6. The Roman theatre

You can’t leave Aosta without visiting its incredible Roman Theatre! Only the southern façade remains today and is 22 metres tall. The structure, dating from the late reign of Augustus, could contain up to 4,000 spectators. If the mountains are covered with snow, the view from the site is extraordinary. It opens your heart with its grandiosity and solemnity.

Teatro romano (Aosta)

Facciata del teatro romano (Aosta)

Teatro romano (Aosta)

Our stroll in Aosta has come to an end. We are certain you’ll enjoy these beautiful landscapes and never forget them.

Some information about Aosta

To visit the Roman theatre, the Forensinc Cryptoporticus, the Church of Saint Lawrence and the Archeological Museum, you can buy a combined ticket at the price of 7 €. Reduced tickets (5 €) are available for groups (at least 25 people) and students. The entrance is free for children under 6 years old.

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