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ONCE upon a time there were two writers who lived in their own fantasy world. They dreamed of a life of travel and love, where they would wander from country to country in search of inspiration for their novels.

They loved reading, because it meant travelling through the pages of books, and they regarded their favorite authors as old friends.

CHIARA lived in a village of thirty souls in the Italian countryside. As a child, the name of her village – Torre Lorenzetta – had made her imagine stories of brave kings and princesses.

Together with her sister and their puppets, from an early age she visited unknown lands, armed only with an illustrated atlas and an invisible flying carpet. At the age of six she received her first cat, Minu, as a gift: many kittens have crossed her life since then.

At the age of eleven Chiara decided that she would become a writer. It took her seven years to complete her first book; during University she would finish two more novels, hidden in a drawer but not forgotten.

NAME: Chiara Pagliochini

AGE: 30 years old

SHE LOVES: bookshops, cats, time travel, Jane Austen, Russian novels, treasure hunts, Linguistic, penguins, Doctor Who, Audrey Hepburn, contemporary art, cakes.

SHE HATES: clubs, Maths, racism and any form of discrimination, boarding on a plane, her hair.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: she is in pocket size.

Chiara Pagliochini

MARCO, on the other hand, lived in Busto Arsizio, a city with an unusual name near Milan. He read all sorts of things and wrote stories about children, perhaps because he felt like an eternal Peter Pan.

During his life he came to love mountain walks, “polenta” and even cheese. He enrolled in University because he loved words, but he ended up working with numbers.

At the age of 22, he became responsible for a huge, hairy dog: Anakin. This Golden Retriever changed his life, and now he feels like he is taking care of another little brother.

NAME: Marco Tamborrino

AGE: 27 years old

HE LOVES: his dog, Cormac McCarthy, novels that make you cry, Norway language, forests, 2001: A Space Odyssey, pizza, History and mountains.

HE HATES: socializing, taking off his pajamas on Sunday mornings, people who don’t respect others, train delays, his nose.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: he is an Instagramer.

Marco Tamborrino

DISTANT in space and a little in time, Chiara and Marco met in front of a computer. They used to chat about books on Facebook, and it took them a while to realize that they were in love.

So, in the summer of 2012, Chiara took a train to Milan to meet Marco. They met on a hot day under the Duomo of Milan. Shy at the beginning, after that first meeting they continued to hang out, following the trajectories of their commuting love.

They began to travel together, discovering that it was more beautiful to look at the world with two pairs of eyes. In 2015 they boarded the same plane for the first time. Destination: Ireland, a journey that would change them forever. That same year they opened the travel blog you’re reading, a project that brings them more fun than money.

Here you will find:

  • detailed guides for cultural trips in Italy and Europe;
  • reviews of hotels, restaurants and tours;
  • reading tips and reviews;
  • tutorials to improve your knowledge of Instagram. 

The Irish Diary

IN love with Ireland and plagued by unemployment, two years later Marco and Chiara decided to return to the Emerald Isle. They settled in Swords, a lovely town near Dublin, and found a job: Chiara as an Italian teacher, Marco as a content reviewer for Google Maps.

In the summer of 2018, nostalgia or lack of judgment drove them back to the Italian shores. With their cheeks lined with tears, they said goodbye to their first home together: a cozy place for dinners, Netflix… and mold.

Irlanda del Nord: 10 luoghi da vedere

BACK in Italy, their paths seemed destined to part again. But a few months of hard research and great patience finally led to the hoped-for result: two new jobs and a roof of their own.

Today Chiara faces clients and deadlines in a communication agency in Milan, in the not-so-magic world of web writing. Marco, instead, works for a global market research company. Together they enjoy endless breakfasts and dinners in their little house with garden in Busto Arsizio.

In their spare time they write this blog, pursuing the dream of a freelance job that would allow them to spend 100% of their time together. They dream of a life of pure passions: like every finishing line, they’re waiting to cross it together.

The Italian Diary

Yet, who can say what will happen in the rest of this story: which chapters remain to be written, which settings will change?

The two “viaggiascrittori” will get to the keyboard and write their lives as they have always done. 

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    Wannabeaglobetrotter - Danila
    July 22, 2017 at 1:02 pm

    Bravissimi ragazzi,
    vi ho appena scoperti e non vi lascio più!
    Bravi anche per il blog bilingue, io ci sto lavorando e so quanto sia dura!

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